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Asus has issued a statement today in which it insists its quad-core Transformer Prime tablet will not get 3G data connectivity. The announcement follows a leaked Asus roadmap that was published last week, suggesting a 3G-equipped device would launch in March.

Unfortunately for those of you who got your hopes up, Asus is denying all knowledge of the device and claiming that “no such product exists on its roadmap,” according to a statement issued to Focus Taiwan. However, “it expects to launch 3G version models for other high-end products in the Transformer family in the future to expand its tablet PC portfolio.”

Which Transformer products will get 3G, then, is unclear at this point, but it certainly seems it’s not coming to the Transformer Prime. Including this device, there are only three tablets in the “Transformer family,” one of which — the original Transformer — already has 3G connectivity.

The Transformer Prime TF700T, which was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas last week, is also lacking 3G and could be the one to get it later in a future refresh. But I wouldn’t put your money on it; judging by the success of the Transformer series, we’re expecting to see more Transformer products during 2012 which could be the chosen ones.

This is disappointing news if you’ve been holding out for a Transformer Prime with 3G connectivity, but you certainly shouldn’t let it put you off. You can still enjoy that super speedy quad-core processor and use a MiFi accessory to access the internet while you’re on the go.

Are you disappointed the Transformer Prime won’t get 3G?

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