Asus Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich

Despite being the world's first tablet to ship with a quad-core processor, the Asus Transformer Prime has been quite a disappointment to early adopters thus far. In addition to issues with Wi-Fi and GPS performance, many have been disgruntled with its locked bootloader, and "random lockups" under the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich update.

But February is set to turn things around for Transformer Prime customers. Alongside the bootloader unlock tool that Asus has already promised, the company "hopes" to fix those random lockups plaguing users who are running Ice Cream Sandwich. Gary Key, an Asus technical marketing manager, told users over at the XDA Developers forum late last week that:

We are working on two different solutions now and hope to have a fix available in early February.

Each lockup appears to be at random, according to The Verge, with users reporting no obvious cause for the issue. And with over 400 complaints on the XDA Developers forum, it appears to fairly widespread. But it's not the only problem with the Transformer Prime.

Asus has also identified issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi fallout:

Stream a media source via WiFi for playback to a BT device (headphones, speakers, etc) and the signal degrades to the point where the streaming source stops and requires a reset to the BT device. This is the most common problem reported although using several BT devices (keyboard, mouse, headset) and using the Internet Browser to simply view media content has also been reported as a problem when using BT input devices.

If you're experiencing any of the issues we've mentioned above, then look out for software updates throughout February which should rectify these problems. If you're a Transformer Prime user in the U.K. and you're unhappy with your device, Asus is offering a full refund or an extended 18-month warranty. Those in the U.S. will, unfortunately, have to just sit tight and wait for these fixes.

Are you experiencing issues with your Transformer Prime under the new Ice Cream Sandwich update?

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