Asus Transformer Prime Ice Cream SandwichA week removed from news that a Transformer Prime HD was on the way, Asus has revealed a small tidbit on when we might expect the upgraded device – and it's later than we'd hoped.

We've had plenty of good things to say about the current Transformer Prime, but the device is not without its issues. Most recently, our Prime has run into an odd "blinds" effect after updating to Ice Cream Sandwich. There have also been widespread reports of Wi-Fi and GPS problems, issues which Asus addressed in a blog post today. In doing so, the company said those in the U.K. shouldn't expect the Prime HD to hit before June at the earliest. The same can probably be said for North America. Bummer.

Realistically, the timeframe isn't all the surprising considering the Prime has only been on the market for a short time. Still, it sucks for those those holding out for the upgraded 1080p HD display.

[Phandroid, via Asus]