Earlier today, we reported that Vodafone Australia has confirmed the upcoming Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade for the Samsung Nexus S. And now more Jelly Bean news is rolling in, and it’s particularly exciting to those of your with an original Asus Transformer (TF101), or an Eee Pad Slider.

Although one ill-informed Asus Netherlands representative has already said that these slates will not receive Google’s Jelly Bean upgrade, Asus Germany has confirmed on its Facebook page that this statement was incorrect, and that both the original Transformer and the Eee Pad Slider will the update.

Very roughly translated, the company’s announcement read:

We need to deny this is clear. Colleagues from the Netherlands have made no statement about TF101/SL101, but merely confirmed that a Jelly Bean TF201/TF300/TF700 update be received. The converse, in that is not a TF101/SL101 JB update received are false and pure speculation. According to current knowledge, even users of older TF101/SL101 to benefit from a Android 4.1 update to come.

With the poor experience Android users had over the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade — which some user are still waiting for nine months after its release — it’s reassuring when manufacturers provide confirmations like these to make it clear which devices will be eligible.

When exactly these updates will drop, however, remains to be seen.

[via Phandroid]