ASUS has begun rolling out new apps and updates for its ZenWatch that add new watch faces and new functions ahead of the device’s big Android Wear upgrade. The biggest change comes with a new music app, which lets users transfers tracks to the device for streaming to a Bluetooth headset.

Google has already given Android Wear users this ability — but only if they use its Google Play Music app. ZenWatch Music gives ZenWatch owners a second option, and allows them to transfer tracks and albums that they have sourced from almost anywhere.

Once they have their music stored locally, they can listen to it via a Bluetooth headset, which is ideal for those who take their ZenWatch running and don’t want to have to carry their smartphone with them just to listen to music. Just remember that the ZenWatch only has 1GB of storage for music.

ASUS has also updated its existing ZenWatch Manager app to add five new watch faces — some of which were designed by ASUS; the others were designed by fans as part of a competition. The company is also improving support for third-party faces by finally allowing them to put the ZenWatch to sleep.

Both ZenWatch Music and ZenWatch Manager are available now from Google Play via the source link below.