asus vr

ASUS hasn't ever shied away from introducing weird new technology in the past (just check out the PadFone X) but, when it comes to virtual and augmented reality, the company is still lagging behind competitors. Now it turns out the Taiwanese firm could be cooking up two new headsets, though they won't actually launch until early next year.

CNET reports that the ASUS has an augmented reality device in the works, but it won't be unveiled until CES 2017 in January. CEO Jerry Shen apparently hinted that he's holding back the new headset because a "very big player" asked him to. Microsoft seems like the most likely culprit there with its HoloLens headset currently leading the AR market. The software giant also recently revealed plans to expand its holographic software to third-party products, which could explain why ASUS is waiting.

The Taiwanese company also apparently has a virtual reality gadget on deck. That device was on display at the Computex conference this week in Taipei, but it won't launch until early next year, either. The new headset (snapped by CNET and pictured at the top of this page) looks like a high-end Google Cardboard headset and may be designed to support the new Daydream platform. We won't know for sure until early 2017, but we'll keep an eye out for more info in the meantime.