There's at least one black hole zooming through the universe right now. It's been observed.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory Astronomer Jim Condon and his team found a black hole. B3 1715+425, specifically. Black holes aren't that strange. This one's behavior, though? "We've not seen anything like this before," Condon offers.

Black holes can merge, though that's not been observed. This happens when two galaxies collide, and the black holes at the center of each fall into orbit. The two move together and form a bigger black hole.

In the case of B3 1715+425, it's possible that this black hole broke orbit and is flying away.

Here's Condon.

"We were looking for orbiting pairs of supermassive black holes, with one offset from the center of a galaxy, as telltale evidence of a previous galaxy merger…

Instead, we found this black hole fleeing from the larger galaxy and leaving a trail of debris behind it."

This thing is moving at 2,000 miles per second with no sign of stopping. It's terrifying, but it's also incredible.