Astro Boy will be the newest name to get the live-action movie treatment. A report from The Hollywood Reporter confirmed an adaptation of the iconic character is on the way, though very few details are available at this time. No director is attached—that much we know. And right now the immediate goal is to find someone to write the script.

Astro Boy certainly makes sense in the animated space—it actually got the full-length movie treatment as recently as 2009, though to muted critical reception. But as a live-action feature? That remains to be seen. It could work—in theory. Astro Boy has a very distinct look and feel, so getting that right will definitely be a challenge. There's some terrific potential, that's for sure. I'm sure what winds up on screen will differ quite a bit from the Astro Boy we're used to seeing.

When the film does eventually hit theaters, those involved are hoping to put Astro Boy into the same league as Iron Man, at least in terms of tone.

"We've seen him as a manga, an anime and an animated movie but we've never seen him a live-action movie or him as a superhero," said Animal Logic's Zareh Nalbandian. "We actually see him in the same league as Iron Man."

Animal Logic Entertainment, which is based in Australia, has previously worked on special effect for projects like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Happy Feet; Japan's Tezuka Productions is also involved with the feature.