I’m starting to wonder if there’s a “Build Your Own” iPhone 6 kit somewhere out there. Following up on that “functional” iPhone 6 we saw last week, yet another fully assembled model has shown up on video. It looks exactly as expected—we’ve seen the 4.7-inch model countless times now, so there are really no surprises. But this just further intimates that the device’s launch is imminent.

The latest leaks comes out of Russia, and beautifully displays the 4.7-inch model next to Apple’s existing iPhone 5s. The differences are obvious: the power button is now on the side, the screen is larger, the sides are rounded and the handset is made entirely out of aluminum, ditching the two glass slats present on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

We even get a brief peek inside the device, though obviously not all the parts are there. Still, we are getting an excellent look at what the final design Apple is expected to unveil on stage next week. That camera sure does protrude, but I’m sure Apple will give a full explanation as to why during its presentation.