The tools of the assassin trade might seem a bit out there, but if inventor Colin Furze has anything to say, that’s far from true.

To celebrate the just-released Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Furze built working equivalents of the game’s two most advertised gadgets, the rope launcher and hidden blade.

The hidden blade, of course, has been around since the original, so it’s nothing new series-wise, but Furze’s build not only looks buttery smooth but takes up about as much space as you’d imagine the device needing on a real arm.

The rope launcher, of course, isn’t quite as simple. A few years ago, the Mythbusters guys tried to replicate the Batman grappling gun and weren’t terribly successful. Furze aims a bit lower but comes out looking better for it. The CO2 powered device launches a metal hook linked to a retracting rope line, which he’s then able to use to pull himself up over obstacles. Because this isn’t a video game or comic book, Furze has to use additional harnessing to support his body, but the motor itself seems to have no problem supporting his weight. It’s not exactly going to fit under a coat, but it’s not exactly that far off, either.

Both of these items look like they’d be as fun as they are dangerous to play with.