Now that the embargo for coverage has lifted for Assassin's Creed Unity (and the game is officially at retail), we can talk about how it plays. We'll hammer everything in our review over the next few days, but I can tell you firsthand that the frame rates has been horrendous.

Digital Foundry did up a video that shows the frame rates between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It seems the Xbox One holds better frame rates between both consoles, though both are consistently below 30fps, with the PlayStation 4 regularly in the low 20s.

Look, I don't normally care about frame rates. Really. As long as the game doesn't noticeably dip and dive while I'm playing, it could be 30 or 60fps, and I wouldn't care. With Unity, however, it's noticeable. Every single time you're in a massive crowd, frames get choppy and there's a ton of character and texture pop-in. It's obnoxious.

What do you think of the frame rate issues on display here with Assassin's Creed Unity?