If you’re looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and trust Ubisoft enough to pre-order the game, they have lots of ways for you to do so.

Aside from the standard edition, the next level up is the Gold edition. Priced at $90 in the U.S., this edition includes the game’s season pass. It also includes the Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy Mission, but that comes with all pre-orders of the game.

If you really like gambling, though, there’s the Collector’s Edition. This $120 pack, pictured above, comes in a special edition box that includes a poster, artbook, and 9-inch Jacob Frye figurine.

There’s also the Rooks Edition and the Big Ben Collector’s Edition, both of which appear to be exclusive to the European market.

The Rooks edition features the poster, artbook, and CD soundtrack in a collector’s box. This is the simplest of the various editions.

The Big Ben Collector’s Edition, though, packs its own special 30cm (11.8-inch) figure into the box, with a Big Ben-themed set of gears behind it. There’s also a numbered lithograph, a steel case, a hip flask – yes a flask – in addition to the poster, the soundtrack, and the artbook. If you’re in Europe, this is available through the Uplay store for the equivalent of $180 U.S. (£115).

If you’re into cosplay or having cool accessories, Ubisoft has you covered there, too. United States gamers can purchase a replica of Jacob Frye’s Hidden Blade Gauntlet and of his Cane Sword. Both are life-size, with the cane clocking in at 36 inches. Both will be available for $59.99. If you are indeed purchasing those to dress up as an assassin for a convention or Halloween party, you might want to pre-order the game from Gamestop, which has an exclusive coin necklace. Probably a better idea than defacing Her Majesty’s royal currency.

Physical pre-orders are getting harder to sell in these days of digital pre-loading and busted games, but there are sure to be a few series fans out there who can’t resist another figurine.