Patrice Desilets, one of the chief minds behind the first few Assassin's Creed games, thinks about genetics and ancestry a lot. At least, that's what I'd assume when looking at his development history and his latest project, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, which received its first teaser trailer this week.

The 86-second trailer, below, starts with a quote from Charles Darwin, and then takes us back 10 million years into the past. The camera makes its way behind a primate leaping through the trees and eventually taking its place behind the animal in a very game-camera-like position.

The Jungle Game

It's impossible to guess at what the game will be like from minute to minute, but Desilets has given us a few clues. Last year, he spoke to the Daily Star and compared the game to Uncharted, saying that the team is focusing on "one hour at a time," which suggests a more linear experience rather than a truly open one like we're used to from his games.

He compared the size of the game to "three or four episodes" instead of an "entire season of a television series," which points to a possibly episodic game.

Matching up with the teaser above, though, Desilets said that the game is set in pre-history, and that it's just "one character in a jungle." That keeps the team focusing on just the jungle itself.

"I don't have to build a car or gun… I don't have to do a crowd, or a city, or fire."

So, indeed, it seems like we might be playing at least a good chunk of Ancestors as some variety of primate before ascending to the top of the food chain as homo sapiens, which the game's logo seems to suggest.

Desilets has a complicated history from his time with Ubisoft, which involves him leaving the company, being bought up by it, and then leaving it again and re-acquiring the rights to one of his games, which he has called "the next Assassin's Creed." With him focused now on making his game, we're looking forward to seeing Ancestors whenever it comes out.