It's the beginning of the week, which means it's time for another edition of Ask the Buffalo. After a relatively quiet summer, things have picked up considerably since IFA, following closely by Apple's event last week. And it's going to get even busier with Google and Microsoft set to make announcements of their own over the next several weeks.

On this week's Ask the Buffalo, the community had questions about the Apple event, the iPad Pro and what mobile platform Jon prefers. Jon even sneaks a Lakers question in there with basketball season on the horizon. Check out the video above, and keep your questions coming!

@MattHitt27: What are you most excited about that came from the Apple event?

@mrenduch: What's your personal mobile and desktop platform of choice, and why? ‏

@pratheesh_ps: What's the point of the iPad Pro to regular consumers? Who needs a big iPad while we have a 9.7 inch one?

@IntenseFriction: Will the Lakers break .500?