Do you have a burning question about tech?  Well, it's time to ask  … what?  I … are you serious?  Ladies and gentleman, I have just been handed a memo that this week's episode of Ask the Buffalo will be handled by Noah Kravitz and not the usual Jon Rettinger.  It is a world gone mad, people.

You have until 9 AM PST on Thursday, August 25th, leave a comment with your question for him, and then you'll be able to see him answer them in a video posted to our Revision 3 TechnoBuffalo channel on Monday at 5 PM PST.

Does he think the iPhone 5 will actually come to Sprint?

What did he think about the $99 TouchPad sale?

Is he ready for a taste of Windows Phone Mango?

Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

All of the usual stuff you would ask of someone in the tech industry, as well as anything personal you'd like to know about him!

Remember, you only have until 9 AM PST on Thursday, August 25th to submit your questions via the comments on this post or on Twitter to join in the fun!

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If you want to use Twitter, be sure to use the hashtag #AsktheB so Jon will see it. @reply to noahkravitz .