Bruce Campbell is older, out of shape, and just as foul-mouthed as he was over 30 years ago. But, darnit, he’s still got it. Starz on Friday unleashed the first gruesome trailer for Ash vs The Evil Dead, and it’s a thing of beauty. There are revolting monsters, sharp wit, and plenty of blood. Like, an unnecessary amount of blood. But that’s a signature of the Evil Dead franchise, and it’s great to see that the show hasn’t missed a beat.

Campbell will reprise his role as Ash, a chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has to once again face the terrors of the Evil Dead. He’s just as reluctant to face his demons as he was over 30 years ago, but there’s no avoiding your destiny. When Evil comes knocking, you have to answer.

Sam Raimi is in charge of the first episode, which is set to premier on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 9 p.m. The half-hour series will run for 10 episodes, which doesn’t seem like nearly enough Evil Dead. But this is hopefully just a taste of what’s to come. TV seems like the perfect platform to bring Evil Dead back to life, and judging by the first trailer, it will be worth the wait.