Arya’s time in Winterfell has come to an end. According to actor Maisie Williams, her time on HBO’s Game of Thrones is now over, calling the experience a “joy.”

She posted the news on her Instagram along with a photo of bloody tennis shoes. Williams also included a few hashtags that fans will no doubt have a field day with.

#lastwomanstanding will no doubt spark speculation about Ayra’s role in the show’s final season. Will she be the last woman standing after the Great War ends? More likely, the hashtag refers simply to Williams being the last female cast member to finish filming.

With the show going to such great lengths to protect its secrets, there’s no chance Williams would reveal such an important plot point in an Instagram post. Her farewell to the show, however, marks an important end and takes fans one step closer to season 8’s epic conclusion.

The final season is nearly finished filming, though it will be several months before the show is back on the air. HBO confirmed Game of Thrones won’t return until 2019, but an exact date hasn’t been shared.

After that, HBO will release a Game of Thrones prequel.