Would you buy music from Groupon? The group coupon site is now offering British musical artist David Gray’s newest album “Lost and Found-Live in Dublin,” and believe it or not is actually debuting the album.

A download will run you $6, a touch more than half off its retail price of $13 but a far cry from the $.99 Amazon was offering the much more popular Lady GaGa’s latest jams for. In a statement, Gray claimed the choice to sell his album on Groupon was a sacrifice he was making for the good of his fans:

“These shows have been so precious to me, it only seemed like a shame that more people wouldn’t get to see them. But now, thanks to the magic of technology, exactly that is possible, and at just the click of a digital switch.”

Groupon offered Rihanna’s album “LOUD” late last year for $5; however, this marks the first time that Groupon will actually exclusively debut an album.

Groupon has a huge audience. While debuting your album on the service may seem silly at first, it also may get more eyes on the release, and ultimately lead to more money in a musicians pocket.

What do you think about artists releasing albums through Groupon? Would you buy one?

[via VatorNews]

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