Many of this season’s shows are coming up on their finales in the next few weeks, so it’s time for them to bring out the big guns to make sure seasons end on high notes. Arrow and Supergirl are both getting boosts from returning cast members on their way into summer vacation.

Supergirl fans can look forward to two appearances. First, Kara Zor-El can look forward to another visit from her cousin – you know, the Man of Steel – as she faces whatever the finale has on offer. Tyler Hoechlin, who I loved as Superman, will reprise his role, Entertainment Weekly reported earlier this week. Not only is Superman returning, but so is Kara’s earthling mentor, Cat Grant. Calista Flockhart steps back into the media mogul’s shoes for the finale. After Kara lost her job as a reporter earlier this season, it’s time for Cat to kick her back into gear with some incisive and timely advice.

Both characters are bright spots on Supergirl, and I’m thrilled to hear they’re coming back.

A stroke of genius

This season of Arrow has been all about things coming back around to the beginning, to Oliver Queen’s first year back in his home city. The Green Arrow’s fight against Prometheus has been about that from the get-go, and this fifth year of flashbacks has been leading up to Oliver’s return to the island of Lian Yu and his rescue from the island. The mercenary Slade Wilson, who would eventually become Deathstroke, was a major player in the Green Arrow’s origin story on the show, so bringing him back makes sense, especially now that DC is more liberal with characters appearing both in their movies and television shows.

Deathstroke actor Manu Bennett has repeatedly denied that he would be returning, but series star Stephen Amell tweeted a welcome-back message to the actor, and sources have confirmed to TV Guide that Deathstroke is indeed returning.

How Deathstroke will manifest, we can only guess. It could be strictly in flashbacks, as the series originally opened with an image of the Deathstroke mask, an arrow through the eye, hanging from a sword on Lian Yu. But then there’s the tone of Amell’s tweet – desperate times call for desperate measures. That seems to signal that Oliver will bring the one-eyed assassin into his fight against Prometheus. Arrow was designed originally for a five-year journey, and this season is supposed to bring everything back around.

Both sets of appearances are great news for both shows, and they have me more excited for Supergirl and Arrow‘s finales than ever.