It’s not entirely clear if the aliens in the new trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival are friendly, but that’s exactly what Amy Adams is trying to figure out. She was the one who interrogated Superman in Man of Steel, after all, so why not put humanity’s survival in her hands again?

Adams plays Dr. Louise Banks, an expert linguist who’s given the unenviable job of talking to a potentially hostile alien species. Are these visitors friendly? Or are they simply seeking refuge on our humble abode? That answer seems to rest in Dr. Banks’ ability to decipher the aliens’ language.

Here’s Arrival’s full synopsis:

When mysterious spacecrafts touch down across the globe, an elite team—lead by expert linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams)—is brought together to investigate. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, Banks and the team race against time for answers—and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her life, and quite possibly humanity.

As Banks attempts to communicate with Earth’s visitors, political pressure and fear of the unknown incites war across the globe. The aliens may seem dangerous, but is it humans who we should really be afraid of?

Arrival hits theaters on Nov. 11, 2016.