Hooray! The wait to find out what happened to Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) and his developmentally arrested kin is almost over, thanks to Netflix. All the dysfunctional family fun we can handle will be hitting our screens and funny bones in just less than two weeks.

We last saw Arrested Development's deliciously dysfunctional family in 2006, but if you think the years have mellowed and matured them, then you'll be shocked and horrified, gleefully surprised or maybe all of the above. (Oh, stair car, how we've missed you!)

For insiders, there's plenty to revel in: Buster's fancy new hook, Lucille's fearsome mothering skills, inappropriate cousin crushes and so much more. New to A.D.? Well, you've still got time to get up to speed on the three previous seasons before the new episodes debut on May 26. That's when all 15 episodes of this long-awaited, streaming-only fourth season get unleashed.

Word has it, this could be one of the few instances in which reality will actually match the hype. Don't miss out on this must-see, binge-watching event.

For a taste of the shenanigans to come, feast your eyes on the video preview. Then circle May 26 on the old calendar. You won't want to make any plans that day.