Arrested Development in white

It looks like we're going to be all moving back into the model home in Sudden Valley sometime in the near future.

Brian Grazer, executive producer of Arrested Development, recently sat down for an interview with Bill Simmons about his career. During the interview the inevitable topic of the Bluth family came up. During that section – scroll to around 24:30 in the video below – Grazer revealed that they are set to do a 17-episode fifth season.

This is literally the only information known about this project at this point. It doesn't come as a huge surprise as executives at Netflix have been stating since last summer that they felt a season 5 would indeed happen. While Netflix is never mentioned, one has to assume that will be the outlet for the new episodes as well.

Season 4 definitely had some issues, namely in the way it was structured as they couldn't get all of the actors together most of the time to film the season in a linear fashion. While it definitely had some rough spots, it still had some moments of brilliance that that the show was known for in its original three seasons.

Let the speculation begin as to when we may see season 5, but I know I'll be firing up my Netflix account the second the 17 new episodes go live.