Summer is coming, and if you’re looking for a new air conditioner to keep you cool during the hottest months of the year there’s a new model worth checking out. Quirky just announced Aros, a new Internet-connected air conditioner that’s part of an ongoing partnership between the design startup and corporate giant GE.

Aros works pretty much the same as the Nest Thermostat, except instead of controlling the temperature in your home all the time it’s focused entirely on keeping you cool during the summer. It’s a small 8,000 BTU unit with a sleek flat design in all-white with touch controls. Under the hood it also packs a multi-speed fan and some clever technology that keeps it from taking in air that’s already been cooled. The air conditioner turns itself off during the day when no one’s around and cools down the house when it knows you’re coming home, but you can also control your AC with a special Wink app while also tracking energy prices to save money.

Quirky and GE have worked together on a few products in the past including a bendable power strip and a smart egg tray, but both companies expect Aros to be the first big hit to come from their partnership. The new air conditioner won’t be available until early May, but you can pre-order one today on Amazon for $300 via the source link below.