Ahnuld isn’t just going to be terminating this summer; the beloved kindergarten sub is also in a neat new zombie apocalypse movie, Maggie, and it doesn’t look half-bad. Granted, it is taking a lot of inspiration straight from The Last of Us, but that’s beside the point.

The film will follow Arnold as he struggles to protect his daughter, who has been infected with the zombie virus. As he sets out to find a cure, she slowly descends into a more zombified state, putting him in the precarious situation of protecting both her and himself. But can you truly love your daughter when she’s a bloodthirsty zombie? That’s something Maggie will explore.

I like the calmer Arnold, one who isn’t yelling about choppers and shooting people to bits (though I’m sure there will be plenty of that). The overall story seems pretty cliché—”I promised your mother I’d protect you”—but Maggie still looks intense and emotionally gripping. If you were a fan of Naughty Dog’s post apocalyptic tale of survival, Maggie will be right up your alley. At least until the actual Last of Us movie hits.

It looks like Maggie will be a limited release on May 8, so check your local independent cinema.