Thanks to a European Nintendo Switch subreddit member’s recent trip through the virtual store, we now know exactly how much space we’ll need to clear on our consoles for the upcoming ARMS.

The arena brawler with a motion-based hook checks in at a tiny 2.2GB in size. That’s it! 2.2GB.

The Nintendo Switch only comes with 32GB of storage space from the start, and a chunk of that is used by the console’s operating system, to boot. If you buy even a few games digitally, you’re going to rip through that space quickly, so you’ll want to pick up a storage card.

At 2.2GB, though, ARMS won’t do nearly as much damage as other games. It looks like Nintendo did a great job optimizing this one, because that’s smaller than most marquee games for any platform.

ARMS will sell for the Nintendo Switch on June 16, 2017. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.

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