The PlayStation 4 just got another huge boost of indie cred with the inclusion of four new and exciting titles. Indie publisher Versus Evil has scored contracts with four rising stars to bring their games to Sony’s booming console.

The first of these games is Armikrog!, the very first Kickstarter I actively participated in back when $950,000 seemed like pocket change. Pencil Test Studios’ creation sold itself as a spiritual successor to the cult-classic point-and-click adventure The Neverhood, and it is being created by the same person who designed Earthworm Jim. Originally, this was slated as a PC and Wii U release with the Wii U version getting extra content thanks to its GamePad’s touch screen, so we’ll have to wait and see how the PlayStation 4 sets itself apart.

After that, the next game should be no stranger to those who follow Kickstarter. Candy Crush Saga… sorry, I mean The Banner Saga, has been available for quite some time now through the iPad and PC, so it’s nice to see the game make a console debut. If the PlayStation 4 can ever get around to supporting the awesome power of PlayStation One games, it will be nice to see this Ralph Bakshi inspired strategy game right alongside its biggest inspirations like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Sony’s and Versus Evil’s announcement closed out with two further lesser known games. Kyn is another viking themed strategy RPG built by a small team of indie developers, but it has a far more traditional aesthetic than The Banner Saga’s lush animation. The other is Toren, a game involving a young girl as she platform-jumps her way up a large, mysterious tower.

All four games will be released in early in 2015, and these versions will be playable for the first time at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas on December 6th and 7th.