Batman’s friends throw him the nicest parties. In his final adventure with Rocksteady, Scarecrow has invited all of Batman’s best buddies and even cleaned up the city ahead of time to make sure they have enough room to have a great time.

This brand new trailer from Rocksteady and WB Games builds on what we know so far about Batman: Arkham Knight. Scarecrow has forced an evacuation of Gotham City and has gathered Batman’s most dangerous foes to take down the Dark Knight for good. A mysterious new enemy calling himself Arkham Knight seems to have a vendetta against the Bat in addition to being an even match for him.

The trailer is called “Evening the Odds,” and it gives us a glimpse of the different ways we’ll be able to enjoy the infamous Batmobile this fall. The car, if it can even be called that, is richly detailed with tons of moving parts. It’s equipped with weapons that will be used in chase sequences and, taking a page from Mario Kart 8, it can drive on the ceiling.

The trailer says the game is “Coming Soon,” but doesn’t promise any kind of specific release date the way so many other big reveals have lately. We may not see the game hitting shelves this fall, and instead might have to wait a bit longer. We hope for more concrete information in a few weeks at E3.

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