One of the first genres that I think of when I consider the potential success and future of the virtual reality gaming medium is survival horror. VR has the potential to take survival horror to new heights, and if developers can bring together immersion and terror into a really, really good illusion, gamers will eat it up.

I won’t. No. Because I’m a bonafide chicken when it comes to horror games. No sir. Nope.

Arizona Sunshine might not be a strict survival horror game, but it is a zombie effort bound for SteamVR on the HTC Vive. It’s coming from Vertigo Games and Jaywalker Interactive, both without too much in the way of game creation experience. The teaser above is neat, but man do I hate those cuts.

The HTC Vive’s motion controllers mean that this game will offer, well, motion control. Arizona Sunshine will be a short, broken up title presented in “Bite-sized chunks that flow together to form the complete picture.”

It looks interesting, though perhaps a bit like what one would expect from the first wave of VR games. Hopefully it nails that zombie genre well enough to push the platform in the right direction.