We recently asked if we even need 3D television sets, but it looks like no matter what we may all think, they are coming at us full throttle this year.  Why, one could almost say they’re coming at us in 3D!  The question we should all be asking ourselves is if all this 3D is going to be good for our eyes?

I know it’s a depressing thought to consider health when you are thinking about the shiniest and latest gadgets, but when there are entire blog posts out there that tell you how to avoid “the Avatar headache” that some people are experiencing from watching just a two and a half hour movie. How are you going to be feeling after watching night after night of prime time television shows in 3D?

real-d-glassesThe problem isn’t just with TVs though, there is talk of adding the visual effect to video games, handheld devices and just about every other electronic item you can imagine.  At what point is this going to be too much eye strain and we’ll start hearing about people getting migraines or, even worse, permanent eye damage from over working their eyes?  There is no scientific data out there on this possibility because I don’t think anyone has ever been exposed to the amount of 3D content that is being proposed, but if you go from watching a football game on a Sunday afternoon to playing a couple hours of 3D video games, you will be feeling some strain for sure.

For now it looks like most people will be safe due to the prohibitive costs of the technology, but as the prices drop, and more people end up adding it to their homes, don’t be surprised if we hear lots of tales of people needing to get glasses or going on medications for headaches.  It seems like health issues are inevitable with this, but are you ready to deal with them?