Microsoft - Live Event - Windows 8 - Tablet - 004Friday, Oct. 26, is an enormously monumental day for Microsoft. Not only is the company's Surface RT hitting tablet waters, but Windows 8, a significant departure from past Windows releases, will officially be out. Microsoft's day of reckoning is here. Are you hopping on board?

For many long, tiresome years, Windows has been a workhorse fueling millions of corporate and consumer PCs, but the touch craze took hold. People want to interact with their tech, not simply tolerate it with mouse clicks and keyboard taps. We want to swipe, multi-touch and manipulate.

Windows 8 is an inbetween interface of PC and tablet. Metro (not what Microsoft calls it) is the company's new design champion; colors and squares is how Microsoft wants us to consume information. Microsoft's new effort is respectable, and it highlights a forward thinking approach that swipes the old school under the rug.

We're excited because it's something new, and we like where it's headed. Microsoft has teased the new look and feel of Windows 8 for quite some time, and now that its future is here, are you going to support the company's new vision? Take a moment to vote in our poll and let us know your full thoughts in the commnets below.