I’m a self-proclaimed cell phone addict. I take my phone (and occasionally a few phones) with me wherever I go, and much to my friend’s dismay check email and Twitter pretty much constantly no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

Looking around me at coffee shops, restaurants, and the like I can tell I’m not alone. The folks at CashGenerator sent me this Infographic this week with some details on my fellow phone-obsessed friends, which the graphic claims to be a whopping 49% of people out there.

I definitely fit in the group that never turns their phone off, sleeps with its beside their bed, and checks email and apps before getting out of bed every morning. I don’t make phone calls in public places, but I’ll pull out my phone and tweet someone while I’m at dinner with no problem.

I’ve tried a few times to cut the chord and leave my phone at home, which typically ends in me being exceptionally uncomfortable and heading home to grab my beloved as soon as possible.

Check out the infographic below for more details on the phone-obsessed. Are any of you also part of the 49% of addicted users?

[via CashGenerator]