Metroid fans have been pretty grumpy as of late, and I don’t blame them one bit. The series has been put on Nintendo’s backburner for the better part of a decade, and while I know a good many of them dismissed it without even trying, some who gave Federation Force an honest try walked away unfulfilled with their experience.

In the grand scheme of the series’ history, we’ve been without a true Metroid game since 2010, and we can dig back further to 2007 if we don’t want to include Metroid: Other M.

Now, I know nothing is set in stone regarding Metroid Prime 4 yet, but I still have every confidence that the game is being worked on as we speak. Nintendo might seem like it turns a deaf ear to a good many concerns of the fans, but the truth is, they do listen… often times without acknowledging they doFederation Force was not the last Metroid game we’ll ever see, and the company isn’t dumb enough to leave the series alone after a misstep like that.

Fans are craving more, and Nintendo will deliver. We just have to wait until it’s ready to drop the veil.

How am I so sure? Well, aside from Nintendo *gasp* not trying to ruin your gaming life *gasp*, Retro Studios has been awfully silent since we last heard from it. After working on two really good Donkey Kong Country games in a row, there is no doubt some burning desire in the ambitious company to try a project with a bit more upswing. A return to the franchise that made it popular: Metroid Prime.

Notice how Retro Studios didn’t work on Metroid Prime: Federation Force? That’s because they are already up to their necks in the next big Metroid game. We know they’ve been working on a secret game since at least 2014, and it was originally aimed for the Wii U. Metroid Prime Producer Kensuke Tanabe said he would only make a new Metroid Prime for the “NX,” as it was called when he made the comment.

There’s even hints of a Metroid Prime 4 in the ending of Metroid Prime: Federation Forces, with the developers dropping big enough hints as if they were begging fans to just wait a little longer.

It’s happening. I base that entirely upon nothing by my gut, but you’ll be playing Metroid Prime 4 before the Nintendo Switch ends its reign as Nintendo’s home console. For every angry fanboy reason I can think of for Nintendo not working on it, I can think of a logical reason why Nintendo is working on it and just hasn’t shown it off yet.

  • Nintendo only wants to show games that are less than a year away.
  • Nintendo wants to make sure the game is innovative and not “just another shooter” or “just another Metroid clone” for that reason.

For those reasons, though, I feel like we won’t be seeing the game tonight. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m just preparing for another no-show. Nintendo is going to want to see how the Nintendo Switch does, get a glimpse at where the console succeeds and how it needs to be marketed, and then, when the time is right, Retro Studio’s “secret game” will be revealed.

When you have Mario, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, Pikmin, and Beyond Good & Evilin your face, that desire will be blunted… just a little bit. Hang in there, Metroid fans. If we can get Square Enix to cough up the Dragon Quest games, we can do just about anything, even budge Nintendo a little bit.