In what must be the tech world equivalent of the “will they/won’t they” romance of Ross and Rachel on the 90’s sitcom Friends, speculation has once again blossomed that Apple and Verizon are about to start getting serious about one another.

As everyone waits for the announcement of the long-rumored Apple Tablet — whatever they end up naming it — a new rumor has surfaced that the yet-to-be-named-device has a chip in it from Qualcomm, the company that makes chips for Verizon phones.

appleverizonTheStreet had a news story that there is some form of Qualcomm chip in the device, and since it is doubtful a device with a reportedly 10-inch screen is going to be something you hold up to your ear to make phone calls, the suspicion is that the device will have mobile broadband capabilities.  Since Qualcomm makes the Verizon chips, it isn’t too difficult to add things up and assume that the device will be sold through the carrier at a subsidized price.

The reason this is really interesting though is that we mentioned last month that Verizon seemed to be trying to lure Apple to its network by upgrading its cellular network.  Was all of that being done in anticipation of the tablet, or is there still something else to come?  Barron’s is reporting that Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek is predicting that the fourth generation iPhone will be going to Verizon, and may be announced at the same event as the Apple Tablet.  While it may indeed go to them, an announcement seems premature as the AT&T contract doesn’t expire until later in the year.

There is also the fact that iPhone announcements don’t traditionally happen until June, just shortly before the newest model is ready to ship out to stores and online customers.  There may very well be some hints dropped here and there, but an actual announcement of a full phone deal seems unlikely at this time.

Of course, all of this could be easily solved if the iPhone would just go to multiple carriers like we suggested, and we wouldn’t even have to sit around and speculate about what all these rumors mean.  Do you have any thoughts on what the possible deal is between these two companies, if there even truly is something developing between them?

That being said, there does seem to be something going on between these two companies, and we should know rather soon what exactly it is, and if it’s even really true.