Wintek workers building iPhone 5 display 1

This image was reportedly taken inside the Wintek factory in China, and those workers, sporting crisp white suits and face masks, are said to be building touch screens for Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone. At first glance it seems there isn’t a great deal to see here, but take a closer look and you might just get some indication of what’s to come with the iPhone 5.

Firstly, rather than a small, round home button — like that featured in all previous iPhones to date — the touchscreen for this device seems to provide space for a larger, elongated home button. Notice that big hole at the bottom of the screen? This strengthens those rumors that have claimed for some time that the iPhone 5 will boast a capacitive, gesture-based home button — kind of like a mini trackpad for your iPhone.

Wintek workers building iPhone 5 display 2

But that’s not all. According to Pocket-lintthough I find this one a little harder to make out — these touch screens also have a thinner bezel at each side, which seem to make room for a larger display. Again, this ties in with previous rumors that have claimed the iPhone 5 will have a bigger, edge-to-edge display at around 4-inches, an upgrade from the current iPhone’s 3.5-inch display.

The Wintek factory currently assembles touch screens for the iPhone 4, so there’s a very good possibility it will also be making them for the iPhone 5. However, there’s no proof that this really is the Wintek factory. Though you have to admit that this photo looks pretty genuine. I mean, how hard would it be to fake an image like this?

I’m pretty confident that this is the new iPhone 5 in production, and I’m also pretty confident that the device will boast a bigger home button, possibly with capacitive touch. However, I’m not so convinced — by these photos alone — that the fifth-generation iPhone will have a larger display. To me, that bezel doesn’t look any thinner than that of previous models.

What do you think of these images?

[via Pocket-lint]