It is not unprecedented for case manufacturers to spoil some of the features of future Apple products.  Prior to this year's iPod announcement cases pretty much told us everything we needed to know about the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano, but a full four months before the suspected release of the iPad 2 seems a bit extreme even in the realm of Apple products.

Multiple cases have been showing up that seem to be for the iPad 2, and if they are, there are some major changes coming up for the second iteration of Apple's tablet computer.  The most notable point these cases give away, and quite possibly the most surprising, is a hole on the back for a camera.  This has been a hotly debated point as it seems the iPad would be a bit awkward due to its shape and size to use for taking pictures or videos.  The good news, however, is if that camera is true, the front facing camera seems like a given.

Shenzhen MacTop Electronics iPad 2 case photoShenzhen MacTop Electronics (via iLounge) was the first site to get an image out, and since then more case photos have surfaced, all of which show the camera hole on the back, but also a mysteriously large hole at the bottom where the speaker is on the current model has many people curious as to what other secrets the iPad 2 may hold.  Some speculation is running to the idea that it will be a speaker along with an SD memory card slot.

Currently you can buy an adapter to move images off of an SD card via the dock, so we're not sure Apple would want to give up that extra revenue, no matter how minuscule it might be.  Apple has shown its love for the SD memory card format time and time again, but are they ready to open up the iPad that much when iOS devices have gained a reputation for only getting new content either over the air from Apple itself, or via an iTunes sync?  This could be interesting to watch.

We do suggest you take these images with a large grain of salt considering how far out we are from the rumored April launch of the iPad 2, but we do have to say the number of cases that have popped up sure do make us think these might be real.

What say you?  Any theories on the back camera and oddly large speaker cut out?