According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple and Coinstar are in some sort of talks with one another, but as to what it pertains to is a complete mystery.  Coinstar Chief Executive Officer Paul Davis said in the interview that his company has a long standing relationship with Apple for offering iTunes gift cards in its Coinstar kiosks, but as to what it may be up to with Redbox is unclear.  Mr. Davis said, “We have a longstanding relationship with Apple. I would not conclude we are or are not doing a streaming deal with them.”

redbox logoWell that just makes everything crystal clear, now doesn’t it?

As we reported back in July, Redbox has reportedly been talking to Sonic Solutions about partnering up on a streaming service,  The advantage of this partnership would be that Sonic Solutions already has deals in place with major studios for more current films, and it would allow Redbox to leapfrog over the growing pains Netflix had when it could only do older catalog films.  Netflix has recently spent serious amounts of cash to get access to more recent films, and this is sure to be a hurdle Redbox would like to avoid.

While Apple, as per usual, has no comment on the situation, the potential pairing of Redbox and Apple does strike us as a bit odd.  The new version of Apple TV has Redbox streaming capabilities built into it, so would Apple suddenly quick Netflix out and replace it with Redbox?  This seems unlikely, and also a quick way to get a class action lawsuit filed against themselves.  They might offer you the choice of switching over to Redbox, but it doesn’t seem to us that many people would opt for this as they are so entrenched with Netflix at this point.

This definitely goes in the “we’ll keep an eye on this”, but there are a whole lot of factors to this situation that just don’t make sense at this point.

What say you?  Do you think Redbox and Apple would be a good fit?