Plenty of companies want to turn your house into a smart-home filled with Internet connected devices, though few have the full arsenal of hardware and software to pull it off. Now Archos is wading into the market with an ecosystem of gadgets and the platform to support them.

The Archos Smart Home is controlled with a special 7-inch Android tablet that comes bundled with the $249.99 starter pack. Along with your tablet, you’ll get two wireless cameras, two movement tags and two weather tags to place throughout the house. There’s also an app for either Android and iOS that lets you control all your connected devices right from your smartphone. Not too shabby of a deal, at least if you want to enter the market without burning a hole in your pocket.

Later this year, Archos will start beefing up its lineup with a series of supported add-ons including a pet tracker, alarm siren, motion-detector and even a remote-controlled socket plug. In total, the Archos smart home can control up to 13 devices within a range of 20 meters (roughly 65 feet). It’s still not the Internet connected fridge we’ve been waiting for, but if you’re interested in monitoring your house from a single app this is a solid option that’s available to both Apple and Android fans alike.