Thin is in, and the new Archos G10 XS tablet is the thinnest of them all. Coming in at a slender 7.6mm, Archos succinctly demonstrates that design matters – the company said it used "paper-thin" steel to construct its new G10. The video above shares nothing in the way of specs – like what OS we can expect – instead focusing on visual presentation. What we see is a very futuristic looking device paired with an equally attractive keyboard dock, which supposedly adds very little girth overall – 11mm thick in total. That's about the same as the new iPad, which is pretty svelte in its own right. Because this is the year of quad-core, perhaps we can expect a Tegra 3 chip to power this rail-thin beauty once it hits. Reports suggest the Archos G10 XS will cost between $260-520 later this year.

[via Pocket Now]