Kunio-kun and Coming Soon

It was literally decades before I realized that the characters I played with in games like Super Dodge Ball and River City Ransom were at all connected. Maybe it's that my childhood mind didn't notice the similarities or that I was completely blind to them.

Now I know. Kunio-kun is great, and all those folks in games like Super Dodge Ball and Nintendo World Cup all look the same because, well, they are the same.

Good news for fans like me. Arc System Works, the same studio that's developed the likes of BlazBlue, has officially acquired Kunio-kun and the properties with his likeness from Technos. It announced the acquisition on the official Japanese site, and it intends to revive the popular series and extend the Kunio-kun franchise.

I love these games, and I can't wait to see what Arc System Works does with the properties. Here's hoping for an all out brawler.