Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the post-credits scene hasn’t really become a staple of movies under the DC banner. In fact, out of the five movies that have been released, only two have featured a tag scene (Suicide Squad and Justice League). Make that three when Aquaman is released, according to a new report.

Possible spoilers ahead

When James Wan’s Aquaman hits theaters in December, it’ll apparently feature a post-credit scene that further fleshes out Yahya Abdul Mateen II’s Black Manta as an antagonist. The character will feature in the upcoming movie, but his role will allegedly be fairly small, with the post-credits scene setting him up for something bigger.

The report doesn’t provide any details about how the scene will unfold, so we’ll have to wait until Aquaman is released to truly know what happens. However, the report does say the post-credits scene could be cut entirely. After all, we’re still five months out from the movie’s release.

Based on what we know, the scene feels pretty underwhelming, especially considering the possibilities Warner Bros. has at its disposal. I guess a post-credits scene with Black Manta, Deathstroke, and Lex Luthor is too much to ask.