Aquaman director James Wan has come out and shot down the latest hot rumor concerning his movie that was making the rounds.

Before getting into the rumor, it’s important to understand the context in which it is being delivered. Warner Bros. studio was responsible for building up the DC universe but in the process became known as studio that meddles with projects. After the unexpected failure of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio heavily meddled with Suicide Squad and Justice League leading to extensive reshoots, mandated runtimes and the firing of directors.

With that in mind comes a tweet from Twitter user Ronster Monster who revealed that according to “multiple sources,” Warner Bros. had forcibly cut 20 minutes off the runtime of Aquaman, painting a dire picture for James Wan’s upcoming flick.

As the tweet began to circulate on Twitter, a user alerted James Wan to the situation and asked whether he could debunk the story.

We should point out that Ronster Monster is not a reporter or connected to a major publication so his tweet was being taken with a lot of skepticism, but with James Wan’s resounding response we can fully put the matter to bed.

While on the topic, it’s a funny anecdote because at the time Wan was hired to direct Aquaman, it wasn’t a smooth process. Warner Bros was reeling from the backlash to Batman v. Superman all the while dealing with losing Rick Famuyiwa (Dope) to direct the Flash movie.

To get James Wan to fully commit, the studio gave him full autonomy to create the movie he envisioned leading to him signing on. That alone makes the rumor seem illogical.

Aquaman swims into theaters December 21.