Thousands of schools consider GRE results in making admissions decisions. Because this test can have such a significant impact on your academic career, it's vital that you study effectively for it.

There are lots of websites and apps available to help students study for the GRE. Here are some of those valuable resources.

1. GRE Prep by Ready4

Ready4GRE is an app for both iPhone and Android that's packed with features. Once you download the app, you take an assessment that uses an adaptive algorithm to estimate your score. The app will then give you a customized learning plan based on your results.

You can then use lessons that feature text and audio to improve your score. If you become a premium user, you also get features like questions of the day, words of the day, flashcards, review quizzes and video explanations of topics.

The app is free, and you can purchase a monthly subscription for $9.99. A year's subscription is $59.99.

The Ready4 website also offers live online GRE prep courses for $399 and private tutoring starting at $199 an hour.


If you'd like to focus specifically on math in your GRE test prep, is a great resource. The site has an extensive amount of video lessons available for free on its website that are organized into categories and topics.

You can also sign up to become a member and get access to diagnostic tests, more in-depth lessons and grade reports. The member lessons feature a pre-test so you can check how well you know the material before viewing the full lesson. The lessons themselves include videos, guided practice and tests.

Becoming a member will cost you $49.99 on the monthly plan and $199.99 for a year.

3. Barron's 1100 for GRE

If you're more concerned about vocabulary, Barron's 1100 for GRE may be the app for you. Based on the book Barron's "1100 Words You Need to Know," this app for Android feature word lists, flashcards and quizzes you can learn to use vocab words for the GRE.

It also lets you learn by using words in sentences, tracking your progress and helping you make your studying more efficient. There's also an iPhone app available that's a bit more bare bones and just features flashcards of the 1,100 words you need to know.

4. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers comprehensive GRE prep programs on its website. The program features video lessons, adaptive testing and score reports. It uses an algorithm called DrillSmart that's designed to help you maximize your score by giving you questions at the right level for you and increases their difficulty as you improve. You can also interact with instructors in real time online.

The self-paced program costs $499, a program featuring live online instruction is $1,099 and private tutoring starts at $1,800.

This is one of the more expensive learning options on this list, but it also has some of the best results. According to the site, this resource is the best at getting students into the top colleges.

Not ready to pay $500 for GRE prep? There are also tons of free blog posts and study materials on the site, too.

5. Quizlet is an excellent resource for studying for anything, including the GRE. The site allows users to create their own sets of flashcards and share them with others.

You can either use the site to create your own set, such as one with the vocab words you find most challenging, or you can search the site to find sets that others have made. Some sets are free while others are available for purchase.

Just make sure they are recent and come from a reputable source before using them.

6. Arcadia GRE

Arcadia offers an app for iPhone and iPad that features hundreds of different GRE practice questions with step-by-step explanations of the answers.

It also includes a discussion forum where you can ask questions and get answers from peers and Arcadia's experts. It features a timer, a video-recording function for taking notes and answering others' questions, and a scorecard for tracking your performance.

Studying for the GRE is something you should take seriously.

While you can use a variety of tools to prepare for this test, these apps and websites may prove to be some of the most useful ones you can find.

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