Apple on Wednesday updated the official WWDC 2015 app with plenty of useful tools that will be valuable for attendees, including developers and the press. And along with that update, it sent out official press invites for the opening keynote, which kicks off at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time on June 8.

The Apple Watch support allows owners of Apple’s new wearable to easily view sessions, labs, favorites, each day’s schedule and more, and can be launched directly from the Apple Watch homescreen. The iOS app includes all of that information, too, such as the sessions that are available on each day, like “What’s new in Cocoa Touch” and “Platforms State of the Union.” There are also maps to help attendees get around.

Apple has a few secrets hidden in the application that are currently filled with placeholders such as “Patience is a virtue” and “Pins and Needles,” which suggests that there are a few topics that will be discussed during the opening keynote that we don’t know about yet. Things like iOS 9 and Force Touch seem possible, as does Apple’s new planned Proactive feature, and perhaps details on public transit in Maps.

TechnoBuffalo will be attending WWDC 2015, and if you are too, you may want to install the app before the show.