While digging through the new watchOS 2.0 beta, we noticed there’s an AirPlay button that appears in a Glance for settings. It doesn’t do anything at the moment, and it’s unclear what purpose it’ll serve. But it’s there, hinting at changes to come.

An AirPlay button in watchOS is nothing new. Before, when listening to music, you could Force Touch to bring up an AirPlay icon; press it, and it let you beam tunes to an Apple TV. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The fact that AirPlay is much easier to find in a Glance, however, could indicate the setting will allow for deeper functionality in watchOS 2. Maybe even completely mirror the screen to an Apple TV?

Pressing the button does’t do anything at the moment; it just brings you to a screen that displays the AirPlay title. This is only the first beta of watchOS 2, so perhaps we’ll see Apple open up some new functionality as we get closer to the software’s release this fall.

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