According to The Verifier, the next update to tvOS—likely tvOS 11—will introduce support for multiple Apple IDs, making it easier for families (or roommates) to rent movies, purchase apps, and more. The feature would likely work in the same way a user might login to Netflix and be greeted with the option to choose their profile.

Support for multiple users make sense. Apple doesn’t just sell the Apple TV as a device to watch movies and TV shows. The set top box is also marketed as a hub for looking at photos, listening to music, and playing games. The Verifier claims multi-user support is in the “advanced stages,” but could potentially be axed ahead of WWDC.

Hopefully, the arrival of multi-user support on tvOS inspires Apple to add the same feature to iOS; the feature would be particularly useful for iPad owners.

Get ready for picture-in-picture

In addition, Apple is also said to add picture-in-picture support to tvOS 11, a feature that’s already available in iOS. The Verifier claims users will be able to dock a video and continue navigating the operating system—and maybe even play a game—much like you can in iOS. However, only one video can be played at a time—again, like iOS.

With WWDC on the horizon, we’ll find out soon enough what Apple has planned. Multi-user support coming to tvOS certainly sounds plausible, as does picture-in-picture. No word on that fabled live TV service, however.