It’s been a while since we got a look at the latest construction at Apple’s future headquarters. Now a new 4K quality video reveals just how far along the project has come.

Several sections of the main spaceship-shaped structure are already taking form. Once complete the exterior walls will be covered with floor to ceiling glass windows all the way around. At the center, Apple employees will be able to enjoy a forested garden.

We also get a look at the massive new parking structure next to the main building. Not pictured in the new video is Apple’s new underground auditorium, which features a flashy glass entrance and fits 1,000 guests.  This is where the company will likely hold future events and major announcements.

The entire project is expected to wrap up by late 2016, meaning Apple still has over a year of construction left. The new campus, which was designed in part by Steve Jobs, is set to cost roughly $5 billion.