iPhone 4S on top of box angled 8

Apple's iPhone took a huge hit during the second quarter in China. A recent report from IDC suggests that the company's iPhone had a 19% share of the smartphone market during the first quarter of this year but that, now, the company has just a 10% share of the smartphone market. Why?

IDC explained to Dow Jones Newswires that consumers are probably waiting for the new iPhone 5 to launch. Still, Samsung currently has the largest share of the Chinese smartphone with a 19% grip, followed by Lenovo (11%), ZTE (10%),  Apple and Huawei (9%). Lenovo said its efforts to boost brand awareness donates to its increased market share. The report's figures are slightly off from another one published by Gartner in February, which found that the iPhone had just a 7.5% share of the smartphone market during the quarter ended in December. At that time, Frost & Sullivan analyst Jayesh Easwaramony said that the iPhone was too expensive for most Chinese consumers, which is why Huawei and ZTE had seen greater success than Apple.

IDC also said that smartphones outsold feature phones for the first time ever during the second quarter. Smartphones now account for a 51% share of the market.

[via The Wall Street Journal]