Apple iPhone 5s-Settings

Apple's foray into home automation might not be as exciting as we've been lead to believe—at least not at first. According to sources speaking with GigaOm, the company's home automation platform will simply give developers the opportunity to create Made for iPhone devices. That was to be expected, but the implementation will allegedly be fairly limited in the early going, with only a few initial partners to kick off the new initiative.

Once companies do create products compatible with Apple's new project, they'll connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and operate through standalone apps. Voice support will apparently be involved, though it's unclear how deep that will go; you might simply just say, "Lights on," or something like that. Convenient, but not groundbreaking. But the prospect of controlling all of these products through a single device is certainly enticing, evolving your phone/tablet into a powerful universal remote.

As we heard before, Apple is expected to demonstrate its new home platform at WWDC on June 2, though it's unclear what products will be first off the manufacturing line. Right now it sounds like Apple is focused mainly on testing the home automation waters, with an aim to really go for broke as the platform evolves. If anything, it'll provide an army of gadgets with Made for iPhone certification, making it easier for consumers to choose products for their home.