Apple has been facing a serious problem with its amazing new Mac Pro desktop system: the company can’t keep enough supply on hand to meet demand for the product. In fact, if you want to order the computer today, you won’t receive it until April at the earliest. Yes, that means Apple’s shipping times have been pushed… again. Sure, a lot of us can afford to sit around and wait for a new computer, but Apple’s major problem here is that some consumers who need the computer now might opt for another option.

As reported first by MacG, the Mac Pro on Apple’s U.S. site currently says the computer is not available to ship until two months from now. That includes both the quad-core and 6-core options, which retail for $2,999 and $3,999 respectively. You can ship them to the store, too, though that takes just as long. In other words, you can’t just head to your local Apple Store to pick one up.

Worse, Computerworld said it’s a problem that’s scaling internationally – the computer’s delay is also noted in China, France, Germany, the U.K. and Japan. As the news outlet points out, it shows us that Apple’s problem exists in the computer’s manufacturing process. The company simply can’t build enough computers fast enough to ship them to customers who want them.

While it’s a serious problem for consumers, Apple probably won’t take a huge hit on its balance sheet. Computerworld noted that just 11 percent of the company’s revenues last quarter were generated from sales of Mac computers – so a lag in shipments of a single model probably won’t hurt Apple too much, especially because Apple likely sells a larger number of its more affordable MacBook computers. Apple CEO Tim Cook is a master of the supply chain, however, so it’s concerning that Apple can’t get its Mac Pro inventory up to speed – once has to wonder how that affects sales of the computer overall. Is it an issue with the U.S. assembly line? Would sales spike if it was immediately available?