Spanish site MacMagazine yesterday said they’ve received word from the always-reliable source within Apple that the usual September media event will be pushed up to mid August.  Although mid August pins the event around the 14th-16th, MacMagazine says the event will likely take place either Monday the 16th or Tuesday the 17th.  So what should we expect?

The Nano continues to undergo a yearly refresh that drastically changes the form as they add new features.  You may remember the short and fat Nano being reworked to the tall and slim model currently on the market.  The latest addition to the Nano was the camera and FM receiver for scrub-able radio.  Leading up to this year’s event, there have been little rumors as to what the Nano has in store so your guess is as good as any.


As we’ve seen floating around, MacMagazine says the main focus of the event will be the new iPod Touch with a likely front-facing camera for FaceTime and rear camera with LED flash.  Like the iPhone 4, the new iPod Touch should also include a gyroscope for more accurate six axis controls.  These additions will keep the iPod Touch platform in line for development with its iPhone 4 counterpart.

Finally, MacMagazine says Apple will preview the iOS 4 upgrade for the iPad at this same event that’ll make its way through the iTunes pipe later this year.  MacRumors points out Mac4Ever claimed iLife ’11 was pinned to an August 17th release date, coinciding with the rumors heard by MacMagazine.  There’s a supposed mystery application to be added to the suite, so it looks like August 17th might reveal all.

What do you think Apple has planned for this year’s iPod event?  Any guesses on iLife’s new application?  Guesstimate below in the comments!

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